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The statement above goes for our Photoshop deriviative works as well. Even though we are covered by fair use because we are using the images for education purpose you need to be aware that outside of school there are other rules to follow. So while your first instinct might be to head to Google’s image search and use the first image that you see, but it is important for all of us to make sure we are following all laws and protecting the rights of others. This includes learning about and following through with attributions and acknowledgements of the source of an image when required.

So where do we find free-use images? Here is a list of 5 favorite sites for images:

  3. Wikimedia Commons
  4. FlickrCC

(Edit: More for the list from our readers: and

For an exhaustive list of sites like these, visit Larry Ferlazzo’s post, The Best Online Sources for Images – updated this week!


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